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There is lighning but no thunder
My feet are cold
There is a draft
Heat rises
The rain pounds against the house
I walk
It is cold
There is no power
A candle's flame slowly dances
It is dark
Who invented candles anyways?
What were they thinking?
Lets cover a string with wax and see what happens?
I am lonely
How are my friends doing?
When will I talk with them again?
Lightning flashes
There is no thunder
It must have been eaten by the wind and rain
I miss my friends
There are popping noises
The wood is being strained by the wind
The house will not fall
But I fear nonetheless.
I walk.
My feet are cold.
I am scared
No, I am not scared
It is dark
I am lonely
There is lightning
But no thunder
:iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 1 3
I missed you :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 38 15 It's Still Love :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 10 6
Shattered Roses
shattered roses
their shards laying upon the ground
I remember when they were complete
alive and strong with beauty
but somewhere along the path
they dropped and shattered upon the ground.
I hold the shards to my heart
trying to restore what was lost
but they just turn to dust
staining my hands red.
Walking on I try not took look back
at the shards left behind
and I hold close to my heart
the few flowers left.
:iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 1 3
Caution: This Font Is Sharp :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 3 4
Night's Embrace
Sometimes morning's light
fills me with sorrow,
Night's peaceful whispers
shattered by the light of tomorrow;
The song of the birds
flies through my ears,
Ending the peace and silence
bringing forth the true fears.
Why must we be so unjust
to darkness's sanctity;
All that light brings us
is the misery of reality.
After the troubles of the day
Night offers us her solitude,
A means to escape reality
but to her we be so rude;
Darkness watches over us
no matter where we go;
Close your eyes and take a look
if is light there to show.
When nights shadow
creeps over our home,
Our eyes are freed from truth
and our minds are free to roam;
Now the sun's rays
push her away,
I must step out of the shadows
and face the day...
:iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 4 0
Kitty! :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 0 13 Set Asail! :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 0 0 Crystal white :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 2 5 My sodah!! All mine!! :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 27 50
A better tommorow
Morning. The aureate luminescence filtering through the blinds.  It joyfully proclaims: "Today will be a great day!" Ugh, how I loathe it. Why will it not allow the darkness to persist and sooth my miseries away? Today will be a horrible day. Like the days before. But why will it be a bad day? Is it because I'm a worthless failure? I can't just believe it'll be a good day, cause it won't. Everything is already messed up. All those days in the past which have led to this. I can't fix that now. This day will be a bad day because of me. My actions. I can't fix today. But if my doltishness in the past affects today, won't today affect the future? My life may bee a desolate jungle of failure at the moment, but if I slash through the forest, knowing things will be better if I make them better, will I eventually escape the forest into a gleaming meadow, with the grass lime green, the flowers of every shade, and life everywhere? Today will be a good day. Because I will head on, knowi
:iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 2 10
Our World :iconryudragonclaw:RyuDragonclaw 4 19






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